With over 150 members and a variety of companies represented, the Manufacturing, Industrial and Logistics council provides the opportunity to share similar interests, insights, technical innovations and efficiency improvements, as well as unique processes and procedures,, to meet the future demands and challenges of external and internal customers. Click here to view a list of the companies represented within the MILC.

The council’s membership is open to those that have some degree of responsibility for a manufacturing facility and those offering specialized products or services to meet their needs.

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Letter from the President
Dear fellow colleagues,

Over the last year, we have seen a steady increase in capital improvements and investments into the facilities of manufacturers across the nation.  With this steady growth brings even more importance to the role of facility managers.  We should be honored to be responsible for such large investments.  But we must also recognize our efforts should strive to lead to additional savings that only makes our companies stronger and in turn creates more jobs and security for all involved.  This effort is substantially increased with knowledge that can only come from industry data and education.  We must endorse the great resources that IFMA offers to continue our knowledge.

Our interest and commitment to sustainability will also drive our technology and resources to a new heights.  We have already seen this effort reduce fuel costs and thus with the new drilling technology we have reduce gas costs.  All these savings will hopefully lead to more investment in our facilities but we must be vocal to request our funding needed to conduct our work efficiently or face dealing with reactive repairs.

We also must be advocates of our industry and our IFMA organization by promoting membership for the learning and networking of our colleagues.  If each of us could just entice one new member, our networking would double and the amount of knowledge as a resource would be indefinite. Collaboration will be the key to gaining our knowledge and shared innovation. In addition, we must stay close to our supplier and appreciate they are also continuously looking for new innovation to grow their business which we can benefit from.  Encourage meetings and conversations to create the opportunity to match a need and solution.  Identifying the solutions and understanding the costs associated will allow us to submit the proper budget request. 

Together through collaboration, innovation and data sharing we can with together!

Keith G. Vandendussche
MILC President

Please join us for an upcoming webinar:

What Facility Managers Need to Understand About
“The Internet of Things”

Presented by Joshua Millman, CFM, AIA, LEED-AP

Tuesday February 13, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern 


The buzz over “The Internet of Things,” also known as “IoT,” is increasingly popping up in Information Technology and Industrial Engineering presentations.  IoT is being heralded as the mechanism to achieve the next industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), as inexpensive sensors using wireless technology provide mountains of data.  

As business becomes more focused on being data driven, the convergence of cheap hardware and very powerful software holds enormous promise. As more applications of IoT are being delivered to integrate with facilities, an understanding of the promise and reality of IoT is crucial. 

Best not to spend too much before the technology is ready, or fall perilously behind the competition while waiting for this technology to be perfected or come down in cost. This introductory presentation will focus on the state of development of the technology and applications as relate directly to facility management of manufacturing, industrial, and distribution buildings, and suggest five immediate actions to be taken for cost effectuate implementation in 2018-19.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Through a manufacturing facility-based case study, participants will understand the basic concepts of IoT as relate directly to facility management.
  2. Participants will gain an understanding of the most promising IoT applications, and the security implications and other limitations of each.
  3. Participants will understand how IoT is the missing ingredient in optimizing sustainable design for significant energy use reductions.
  4. Participants will identify five immediate actions to be taken for cost effective implementation of IoT in 2018-19.
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If you're interested in learning more about leadership and volunteer opportunities within the council, please contact Joshua Amos at joshua.amos@ifma.org.

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