Letter From the President

Letter from the President

2020 appears will be an exciting year for manufacturing, and for those facility managers that keep their plants running!  With the stock market at all-time highs, interest rates low, and hopefully trade wars (soon) behind us, this will be a time of growth, retooling and reimaging the factory of the future.  It will become more essential than ever to maintain your network of facility mangers who can share expertise and advice as you address new challenges.

That remains primary focus of the Manufacturing, Industrial and Logistics (MILC) Council:  to offer programs and services that contribute to the professional success of its members.  Supporting me in achieving that objective are my Board of Secretary Gary Rudkin, Treasurer Keith Vandenbussche, Amilcar Beltran and Michael Razzano.  Thank you each for your commitment to our Council!  We still have openings on our Board if you might want to increase your own involvement.

In the coming months, the Board has plans in place to continue to offer monthly webinars provided by council members that are of specific interest to those of us involved with facility management of manufacturing, industrial and logistic facilities.  These webinars will be interspersed with virtual roundtables as an opportunity to share with other MILC members what works and doesn’t work in addressing an identified facility management issue.  We are also planning to offer more content on our website.  Stay tuned for other Council initiatives as well.

And last but certainly not least, World Workplace is coming up in Grapevine, TX at the Gaylord on December 9 to 11, 2020.  World Workplace is always a great conference and expo that includes many valuable educational sessions and networking experiences.  We will again arrange to network with fellow MILC members at this event;  look for your invitation this summer.

  1. Joshua Millman, AIA, CFM, LEED AP
    NuTec Design Associates, Inc.



Strategic Plan- 2020


To be recognized by the manufacturing, industrial and logistics industries as the premier global Facilities Management association making a positive impact through the advancement of MILC Facilities professionals.



Provide resources and developmental opportunities that meet the unique challenges of MILC members, enabling them to successfully manage and provide facilities services for their customers.

  • Build a membership network to share information and best practices.
  • Promote benchmarking opportunities.
  • Grow the council through creating and delivering value to the members.


Objective 1: Implement processes and tools to capture and share knowledge.


  • Best Practices
  • Web Presentations
  • Whitepapers / case studies
  • Research
  • Tool Kit – Scopes of Work and Job Descriptions
  • Recommended reading and resources
  • LinkedIn and Networking


Objective 2: Promote benchmarking opportunities.


  • Support IFMA benchmarking initiatives
  • Facilitate benchmarking within the membership


Objective 3: Enhance communications by anticipating and prioritizing resources required to effectively deliver products and services.


  • Survey MFC membership periodically for preferred means of communications.
  • Determine sources and frequency of programs and communications:
  • Periodically update the web site for use by all members
  • Live Virtual Meetings, Webinars and Roundtables
  • Host Networking / Social Activities: On the website (on line) and at WWF
  • Conduct business meetings during conferences WWP
  • Maintain Master Calendar of Events, including non-MILC events
  • Linkages to other resource

Objective 4: Grow the council through creating and delivering value to the members.


  • Retain and grow the membership
  • Encourage membership involvement
  • Demonstrate the Value of Membership
    • Top 4 benefits of membership (for the individual member)
    • The WIIFM factor (what’s in it for me)
  • Solicit member participation on board, committees, in events
  • Provide new member with list of council resources, networking opportunities, meeting times, education opportunities, etc.
  • Invitation for committee and/or board involvement
  • Reach out to non-council IFMA members
  • Include international members


Objective 5: Self Finance Delivery of Existing and New Products and Services


  • Manage council finances in accordance with IFMA and MILC Bylaws
  • Continue the annual sponsorship program with special benefits
  • Identify special sponsorship opportunities for council events, publications and web postings of announcements of sponsors’ new products and services


Objective 6: Assure Ongoing Board Development and Succession Planning


  • Board development
    • Election process will be consistent with IFMA and MILC Bylaws
    • Encourage individuals to go through the leadership track of secretary, treasurer, vice president
    • Board members should be committed to attend WWP
    • Current and future board members should actively participate in the MFC events
  • Succession planning
    • All board positions are by election and previous board experience is not required
    • Utilize IFMA’s Succession Map as a talent search process when applicable
    • Prospective board candidate will be identified six months in advance of the opening
    • The board attributes should guide the talent search process
    • The incumbent should mentor interested candidates within the six month period
    • Periodic assessment reviews will be conducted and reported to the current board
    • Each board chair should develop a committee as well as a person who is an alternate and a presumed next chair
    • The Immediate Past President will chair the board development and nominating committee.
  • Grow volunteer base
    • Identify volunteers positions, roles and responsibilities
    • Form subcommittees
  • Develop processes and expectations
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Define budget requirements
    • Contact those that have expressed interest in volunteering